.​.​.​was it six or five shots?

by Rules

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500 copies on black 7"

Released by:

No Spirit

Mad Schnauzer


dhp ak47


released July 13, 2019

Recording and mastering by Jasmin Dasović at klub Mochvara, January 2018.


all rights reserved



Rules Zagreb, Croatia

Upcoming shows (EU tour with The Truth):
13. 07. Novi Marof - Cro
14. 07. Uhersky Brod - Cz
15. 07. Trnava - Sk
16. 07. Prague - Cz
17. 07. Warsaw - Pl
18.07. Vilnius - Lt
19. 07. Gdansk - Pl
20. 07. Berlin - De
21. 07. Hamburg - De
22. 07. Halle - De
23. 07. Day off
24. 07. Hof - De
25. 07. Schwabisch Gmund - De

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Track Name: Escaping The Herd
Walking out the door i wonder how i really feel, Thinking is this worth all of my time, Waking up is pain so i stumble back to bed, i can't explain the emptiness behind my eyes,
Pressure's on, do your time, 40 hours, get in line, be a man, have a plan, understand, it's the only way
Track Name: Day In Day Out
Talking myself into outer space,
Every day i have just goes to waste,
If you wanna help don't waste your breath, i've got no values i hate myself,
Don't come close or i'll blow you away,
I'm hurt, i'm crazy, i'm struggling
Day in, day out
Just waste my time
Day in, day out
You know i did the best i could, i know i'll never be understood, you know i'm waiting for the day when all your values fade away
I know you think i'm out of line,
You know i think it's a waste of time
To be tussling and struggling day and night
I hate this world and i want to die
Track Name: Prisoner By Choice
Walking around in my room
Smash the windows to feel the sun
To feel the wind on my skin
Punch holes in the door but it won't come open,
Waiting my turn to jump out
There's nothing i want more
I'm locked inside, without a key in a self made prison
I'm locked inside far away from all of you
Track Name: I Hate You More Than Myself
I was brought upon this world to hurt my fellow man and woman
So leave me,hate me
Long nights alone grow the poison
Tears run down my face,blood down my spine
Solitude is mine
My damaged point of view does not allow me to be fair
And you can just be glad i don't hate you
Like i hate myself
Track Name: Empty Minds, Talking Mouths
Skip me with that straight bullshit
I don't care about anything that you say
It's just a bore
Bringing my blood up to a boil
I hate talking i hate you
Your mind is empty, your mouth is full
No stranger to darkness and alone
I'll cut you down,i'll cut you off
I have a darkness that is stagnant
I've got a hate that lasts forever
If you're really feeling called out
Know there's nothing to buy me out
Run your mouth some more
Track Name: Death Trip
I can't change the way i am
They're just stupid,broken promises
I think i'm gone beyond repair
My mind is shot, i don't care
Despair comes knocking at my door
Every day, i let her in
I'm nothing no one , no one cares
They don't understand
I'm on a death trip, death trip
Feeling everyday like i'm out my head
Death trip
Wishing everyday i was already dead
Death trip

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